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Here we’ll keep you updated on all driving related news and important legislation changes, that will affect you as a road user in the UK.

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As of August 16th 2013 the Government is announcing new legislation whereby you can receive a fixed on the spot fine for “careless driving”.

There are a number of points which this legislation encompasses and police will be focussing on penalising contraventions of the following with fixed penalty notices of up to £100.

• Driving too close to the vehicle in front

• Failing to give way at a junction

• Forcing your way into a queue of traffic following overtaking

• Incorrect lane use on a roundabout or a junction

• Lane hogging on motorways

• Driving at inappropriate speed e.g. taking corners too quickly

• Performing wheel-spins, handbrake turns, “drifting” among other careless manoeuvres

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