The Driving Test

You will need to make sure you bring both the photo card and the paper counterpart of your license.

The driving test is split into three parts:test pic

The eyesight check
To pass this you must be able to read a number plate from a distance of 20.5 metres.

The “show me tell me” questions
You will be asked two questions about the basic safety or maintenance of the car.
(you can see a list of ones you might be asked here.)

The driving or practical part
This will last 38-40 minutes in various road situations, some of them will be at higher speeds possibly up to 70 Mph. You will also be asked to perform 1 of the 4 manoeuvres you’ve been taught and you may also be asked to perform the Emergency Stop exercise, the examiner will brief you before this takes place. There will be a short piece of independent driving lasting 10-15 minutes, where you’ll be asked to follow a series of directions, or the road signs to a designated place. We will ensure you have received the proper tuition and be adequately prepared to do what is asked.

Manoeuvres include:

Parallel park:
Objective: Drive alongside a parked car, reverse back within the space of two car lengths without hitting the kerb and whilst observing for other road users.
Tip: Really put your reversing skills to the test and try to use a set method given by your driving instructor to make it easier. Don’t concentrate solely on one thing, observe around at all times.

Turn in the road: (you might have heard it called the three point turn)
Objective: Turn the car around using forward and reverse gears without hitting the kerb, whilst observing for other road users.
Tip: Maximum clutch control needed to keep the car slow. Quick turns of the steering wheel and keep observing for other road users, especially the more vulnerable.

Reverse round corner:
Objective: Reverse in to a side road to your left, keep close to the kerb and observe for other road users.
Tip: Use your judgement skills to keep close to the kerb. But don’t look only at the kerb, other road users can approach at any time! Your instructor will show you an easier way of achieving this manoeuvre.

Bay Park:
Objective: Reverse in to a car park bay, whilst observing for other road users.
Tip: Get your point of turn set and you should reverse into the bay perfectly every time, you need to finish within the white lines!

When doing all manoeuvres you must always check your blind spot!

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